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As a single Trans woman (or ladyboy if from eastern world) you can use a helping hand finding happiness during these difficult times. iDate Ladyboy is a not so ordinary dating site; we concentrate only on connecting Transgender women with an nice and decent man to build a long-term relationship and happy life with. With our blog articles we write about various Trans-related topics, such as Dating tips, issues that Transgender women face and other kinds of topics.

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How to be successful on a ladyboy dating site

Right, so you’ve joined a Ladyboy dating site. What next? Well, you might still be in shock at seeing all of the beautiful Trans women listed on the iDate Ladyboy site

iDate Ladyboy

iDateLadyboy helps with ladyboy dating

Is there anyone who doesn’t know about iDateLadyboy and the advantages of joining a specialized, ladyboy dating site? Well…, we suspect there might still be some people who don’t!

ladyboy dating

Two Trans women about ladyboy dating

Orawan scrolled through the profiles of men on the iDateLadyboy Ladyboy dating site on her i-pad as the make-up artist gently dabbed at her face with a soft pad. Hmm…, so many Trans attracted men, she thought. I wonder if it’s time to start dating again? Maybe a Ladyboy dating site is the best way?

ladyboy philippines

The life of a Ladyboy in The Philippines

I was sitting in front of my laptop looking through some of the profiles of the other Ladyboys on the Ladyboy dating site iDateLadyboy. “Such a high percentage of Trans-pinay on the site,” I thought. “No wonder some people think there are more Trans women or Ladyboys in The Philippines than elsewhere.”

ladyboy message

Messages from Ladyboy to admirer & back to Ladyboy

Hi Janie, I saw your profile on iDateLadyboys. I have to say you look amazing, so beautiful. I especially I like the photo of you sitting on the rock at the beach and wearing a pink crop top. Sensational! By the way is that Cebu in The Philippines?


iDateLadyboy brings people together

It’s almost 10 months since I first met Hermann through the famous iDate Ladyboydating site

ladyboy datingsite

What makes a great Ladyboy dating site?

Have you ever wondered what makes a great Ladyboy dating site which forever appeals to Trans attracted men? Lots of factors…! Take our site, iDateLadyboy as an example.

why dating ladyboys

5 top things to know when you date Ladyboys

For most Trans-attracted men, the first time they use the iDateLadyboy dating site, they are almost overcome. Overcome or thrilled in the sense that there are so, so may beautiful Ladyboys, probably from Thailand or The Philippines, on the site

foreign dating

Why date foreign men on a Ladyboy dating site

A number of my friends were surprised and asked me why I had decided to join a dating site for Ladyboys. One told me that I could find a man easily in any night club and didn’t need to join iDateLadyboy.


Sex and Ladyboys

For any man who has been looking through the details of the beautiful Transgender women on iDateLadyboy, now and then thoughts must turn to sex. It’s natural, it’s normal and nothing to be ashamed about!

what is a ladyboy

What a Ladyboy is NOT. And what she is…

iDate Ladyboy is one of the most popular, specialized dating sites for Transgender women. It has a great reputation for matching Ladyboys with the men who wish to date, build relationships with and maybe even marry them. Week after week, month after month, men visit the site and reach out to some of the Trans-women whose profiles are listed on thereon

iDate Ladyboy

I am a Ladyboy, can you tell?

When male members of iDateLadyboys contact me, often one of the first questions they ask is: “Are you really a Transgender woman?”


What are ladyboys looking for in a man

If you look through the profiles of men on the iDateLadyboyswebsite looking for a Ladyboy or Trans-pinay to date, you can see all sorts of men. Tall or short. Thin or of heavier build.

find a ladyboy

The only way to find a Ladyboy

I must admit, I was hesitant to join IDate Ladyboy, the famous Transgender dating site. Initially, I wanted to keep my interest in Ladyboys to myself as there are a lot of prejudiced, judgemental people out there.


Typical stages most Trans-pinay go through

If you talk to most Trans-pinay with profiles listed on IDate Ladyboy, their stories are eerily familiar. Many T-girls from The Philippines also make their own transition videos and share them on YouTube.

Transgender women

All you ever need to know about Transgender women

When you have been looking through the profile of all of the lovely ladyboys on IDateLadyboy, you may have seen some words and terms you are not familiar with.


Transgender woman reminisces about her realization she was a Ladyboy

I met my long-term partner Ron on IDateLadyboy. He’s everything I want in a man and, I believe, he truly loves me for what I am. My name is Pang, and I’m a Transgender woman, more commonly known as a Ladyboy in my home country

iDate Ladyboy

Ladyboys are everywhere

When I last looked through iDateLadyboy, the famous Ladyboy dating site, most of the Thai Transgender women listed were shown as living in Bangkok.


My Ladyboy Princess

A small tear rolled down the cheek of Janet as the crown was place on her head. “And the winner of “Miss Transgender Princess, The Philippines”, is Janet Mendez,” announced the MC.


Dos And Don’ts When Dating Ladyboys

Many people think that sex is only about intercourse but actually, it starts much earlier on through flirtations and foreplay, creating a much more vulnerable connection between two people. In many cases, there are many honest, frank conversations after sex.

thai ladyboys

Ten things to know about Dating Thai Ladyboys

No doubt when you have been looking through Transgender dating sites such as IDate Ladyboy, you have seen photographs and profiles of all of the beautiful Thai Ladyboys.

dating fun

Dating Ladyboys In A Fun And Friendly Way

Ladyboy bars leave the impression they are more fun than bars with real girls.  Those who are new might disagree with this viewpoint, but once they have ventured into one often change their minds.  Let’s look closer into dating and ladyboy bars:

dating scams

Ladyboy Dating And Online Scams

If your heart is set on dating ladyboys, you have probably heard many success stories between ladyboys and men from the Western world. That said, if searching for love online, there are ups and downs.

ladyboys philippines

Dating Ladyboys In The Philippines

Before getting into the specifics, we should note that finding ladyboys in Subic Bay, Philippines is not the best place to be looking, It's not a matter of very few ladyboys living in the area but the lack of interest to work in this location. Most trans girls prefer to work in other areas including Angeles City.

ladyboy relationship

Are You Ready To Find A Ladyboy Relationship?

Have you ever wondered why some people find lasting Ladyboy love in a very short period of time while others seem to constantly strike out? Everyone has their own ghosts from the past, heartbreaks, and fears of rejection when it comes to ladyboy dating.

long-term relationship

Online Ladyboy Dating Can Lead To A Long-Term Relationship

Just because you started the new year single, does not mean you will be single forever. There are occasions when spending time alone is important for rediscovering yourself and what’s really important to you.

online dating

Online Ladyboy Dating Scams

You might want to ask yourself how you can avoid falling victim to internet You might want to ask yourself how you can avoid falling victim to internet ladyboy dating scams, to begin with.

dating ladyboy

Before dating a ladyboy, those tips come in handy

Dating transgender women can also have other challenges that cisgender women don’t deal with. Cisgender people are those who relate with their personal identity and their gender at the time of their birth. Discrimination, harassment and, in some cases, homicide are not uncommon for ladyboys.

propose ladyboy

The Right Time to Propose to Your Ladyboy Partner

Falling in love is easy but staying in love takes courage. But when is it the right to take the next big step? The marriage proposal. How can you be sure that you have evaluated everything or that you are not making a wrong move by proposing to your ladyboy girlfriend?

meet family

Is Your Ladyboy Prepared To Meet the Family?

Most of the time, letting your ladyboy or gentleman partner meet your family can be stressful. You might be plagued by questions on the validity of your relationships. Are you ready for your partner to meet your family? Is your partner equipped on what he or she is going to see?

spice up

Spice Up Your Ladyboy Relationship

Are you at a point where you want to level up your sex life with your ladyboy or boyfriend? There are so many pills, juice, and whatnot in the market. But here at iDate Ladyboy, we also believe in the promise of organic and the chance for you to explore more options

online relationship

Ladyboy dating: Is Your Relationship Going Somewhere?

How many months does it require to know that a relationship is going somewhere? Are you confused at the current status of your relationship with your ladyboy or gentleman?

first transgender

First Date Conversation Starters with your Ladyboy

Uncomfortable silence. It is probably one of the most dreaded things you will face. Perhaps, in your mind, meeting the love of your life might be a little bit awkward and stressful.

dating tips

Be the One for the Right Ladyboy

So you are on the quest for finding your perfect ladyboy match? Often times the search can be narrowed down only on the qualities of the transgender girlfriend you are trying to find.

ladyboy dating

How to Maintain a Long-Distance Relationship with a Ladyboy

An online relationship with your ladyboy girlfriend may be tough to handle especially when the only means of connection you have with her is through a messenger, phone calls, and video calls.

dating ladyboys

Why You Should Date a Ladyboy

Here at IDate Ladyboy, our primary goal is to connect ladyboys and gentlemen together to build bridges for fruitful and meaningful relationships. TS-dating while meeting people face-to-face may be difficult for some and there are various reasons why it will not work.

meet ladyboys

Meet and dating ladyboys

Let’s be honest, a ladyboy bar offers more enjoyment than a girly bar, even though trying to compare them will probably cause an argument or two. Guys that have never entered a ladyboy bar in their lives aren’t likely to argue that they are better than girly bars after all.

questions transgender

Pre-op, Post-op or Non-op ladyboy?

When you meet ladyboys on iDate Ladyboy or when you start a relationship with a ladyboy we get to know the other person. Usually by asking them questions about their hobbies or what their favorite movies and TV shows are.

asian ladyboys

Meeting & Dating Ladyboys

Without a doubt, we are all looking to meet and date ladyboys but the question is, why? Probably, in the beginning, it was about curiosity and wanting to just get to know them.

ladyboys thailand

The Southeastern Asian Ladyboys

If you are interested in dating transsexual women, or ladyboys, chances are you will land in Southeastern Asia. You could possibly meet someone in your own area of the world but it could be limited.


Ladyboys from Bangkok

If your next holiday plans include Bangkok and you are looking to meet and date a ladyboy, the following suggestions will help you meet the most beautiful, funny, sexy Kathoeys in Thailand. For those who are intrigued by their amazing grace and beauty, Thailand is a perfect paradise.

Filipina ladyboys

Dating Filipina Ladyboys

Known as Filipina ladyboys, the Philippines has a very large population of transgender women. They love having fun, being social, and telling jokes They are very charming, have wonderful personalities, and are vastly loyal! It's not surprising that foreign gentlemen love dating these wonderful Filipina ladyboys.

meet the parents

How winning Miss Tiffany’s title changes a ladyboy’s life

The biggest and most respectable transgender pageant Miss Tiffany's Universe is not only an extravaganza with tight sequined dresses, it also promotes human rights and fights against trans discrimination. But does it give anything more than titles and prizes to its winners, or this pageant is worth participation because it positively changes their lives?