Things to know when you date Ladyboys

For most Trans-attracted men, the first time they use the iDateLadyboy dating site, they are almost overcome. Overcome or thrilled in the sense that there are so, so may beautiful Ladyboys, probably from Thailand or The Philippines, on the site. Almost all looking for a foreign man to date and establish a long-term relationship with.

For some men, as the expression goes, it’s like being “in a candy shop”. So many choices of stunning Ladyboys to date, it’s hard to choose just one! You’ll no doubt like most of the T-girls you see on iDateLadyboy, but the next task is to find the Ladyboy or Trans-pinay right for you. Of course, you can chat with and date several Ladyboys for as long as it takes until you find your “perfect Ladyboy match.”

Dating Ladyboys, make sure you know what you expect 

However, let’s take a step back for a moment. As with any form of dating, there can be advantages and disadvantages of dating a Ladyboy (yes, there are some, believe it or not!). But, to help you on your way and reach your goals, let’s look at 5 top things to consider if you want to plan for the long-term with the Ladyboy of your dreams. Yet, and perhaps it’s stating the obvious, but dating from behind a computer keyboard is quite different from the real-life experience of dating a Ladyboy in person. To be fair, most dating experiences with Ladyboys will be very special, but be sure not to go into any new relationship wearing a pair of “rose-tinted glasses”. Then you’ll have more chances of making your relationship work.

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Top 5 things to think about when dating Ladyboys

Anyway, here we go, the to 5 things to be aware of:

  • Cultural differences: meeting and dating someone/anyone from quite a different culture can be interesting and rewarding. The same goes for dating a Ladyboys from Thailand or The Philippines or other Asian countries. You’ll learn about a lot of things you didn’t know before. Yet, getting to grips with any new culture can take time and there are bound to be several misunderstandings to be resolved along the way. Be patient and tolerant and, hopefully, your Asian Ladyboy will be able to help you with this;
  • Communications:  given the strong desire of many Ladyboys to get on and make progress with their lives, many Ladyboys you meet may well have a good education. Certainly, Trans-Pinay, have been schooled in English from an early age—so language per se should not be an issue. However, Thai Ladyboys may have a more rudimentary grasp of English. So, some innocent misunderstandings may arise due to language issues, but be patient and work these through.  The other thing is that many Asian Ladyboys have been brought not to be open about matters which are bothering or upsetting them. On one hand, you’ll hear fewer complaints, on the other, if something is wrong, she’ll simmer like a burner until it’s time to explore and then…… look out!
  • Generation gap: it’s a fair bet that your Ladyboy girlfriend will be a lot younger than you. In fact, in most Asian capitals, it’s very common to see an older Trans-oriented man with a beautiful, young Ladyboy. All well and good for the foreign man who likes some “eye-candy” by his side. But be prepared for some generational issues and differences in attitudes to life. As an example, most Ladyboys, and indeed younger Asian females, can spend hour after hour on their i-phone or laptop or Facebook, or on the phone to friends. If you want a beautiful Ladyboy girlfriend then accepting this without getting upset is a small price to pay!

Asian Ladyboys are just like other Asian women

  • Close family: certainly, as with all Asian women, your Ladyboy girlfriend will be family-centric. She will be devoted to her nearest and dearest. It’s important to remember, if you are in a long-term relationship or do marry a Ladyboy, you are becoming an integral part of her family. If your Ladyboy girlfriend is accepted by her family (and many are), it’s vital that you have a good relationship with them too;
  • Love or lust? this one is difficult, I know. Your first reaction will be that you truly love your Ladyboy girlfriend. You may even fall in love with her without meeting her. After all, her looks are stunning and personality is great. She’s everything you have dreamed about. Just ask yourself, objectively if you can: is this all about love… or lust? There’s no harm in it being either of these, just be sure you know which emotion you are feeling!

Choices…, choices; all in all, there are many pros and advantages of dating a Ladyboy from iDateLadyboy. This has been proven time and time again by the numbers of successful relationships between foreign men and Ladyboys. Just leave the “rose-tinted” spectacles at the opticians and you’ll go far!