All you ever need to know about Ladyboys

When you have been looking through the profile of all of the lovely ladyboys on IDateLadyboy, you may have seen some words and terms you are not familiar with. Similarly, in some other articles or on other parts of the website there may be some language you are not sure about.

There are lots of terms in use relating to Transgender women

So, we thought we’d help out by putting together a summary of some of the keywords and phrases currently in use in respect of Transgender women or ladyboys. It is not an exhaustive list and you may find other words and terms being used which you can look up. Common words or phrases include:

  • Breast implants: required by most Transgender women to give them more feminine shape. And, of course, help them feel more like a woman. These forms can either be silicone or saline and are available in various sizes from A-cup size up. They can be placed over or under the chest muscles, depending upon the patient’s choice (under is far more painful!);
  • Facial Feminisation Surgery (“FFS”): surgery which is undertaken to feminize masculine traits in a face. This may include an eyebrow lift, shaving of the ridges above the eyebrows, rhinoplasty (nose alterations), chin sculpting, enhancing cheeks and moving hairlines forward; plus shaving of Adam’s apple. The overall intent is to soften the face to be more feminine in appearance;
  • Gender affirmation or gender confirmation surgery (formerly known as a sex change when, again, it was thought that being Trans was a sexual issue): the corrective surgery involved when the male penis is inverted and a vaginal cavity created so that the Trans woman can have a fully-functioning vagina (a “vaginoplasty”). Some Trans women, for their own personal reasons, decide not to have such surgery;
  • Gender dysphoria: the medical term used to describe the feelings and outlook of a Transgender person who knows that her mind and very being do not correspond to her body; in other words, there is a mismatch between body and “soul”;
  • Gender fluid: use to describe a person who is comfortable presenting as either a male or female according to the particular situation; he or she may have a milder form of gender dysphoria or may simply have an imbalance of hormone levels;
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  • Hormones: can help determine our gender and our outlook and moods. Taking female hormones, as most Trans women do, can help readjust body shape (redistribution of fat to hips, bottom or breasts, soften skin and stimulate hair growth). In female to male Trans people, testosterone boosts facial hair growth and muscle development;
  • Intersex: refers to an individual who is literally inter or between the genders/sexes. Their genitals may not be fully formed or are hard to positively identify ie a large clitoris which looks like a penis. A further example, some intersex women have ovaries, some don’t;
  • Katoeys, Ladyboys or Trans-pinay: local terms for Transgender women as used in Thailand or The Philippines, respectively; many other countries have local terms for Trans women, including Wariah in Indonesia or New-half in Japan;
  • LGBTIQ (there are more letters but this is enough for now): an acronym which relates to the Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Intersex and Queer communities. Trans people are often grouped with these other types of people but, in reality, are quite different. Their issues are gender-related, not sexual as with gays and lesbians;
  • Mis-gendering: deliberately or accidentally referring to a Transgender woman as a “he” when she is to all intents and purposes a “she”; and vice versa;
  • Pre-op and post-op: quite self-explanatory term with pre- referring to Transgender women who have yet to have gender confirmation or genital surgery, post- being those who already have had it;
  • Puberty blockers: medication taken to delay the onset of puberty in pre-pubescent Transgender girls. Firstly, this allows more time for a complete assessment by doctors and psychiatrist of the person involved about their gender status/issues. Secondly, it prevents voices from breaking and growth of facial hair in male to female Trans girls. Most, but not all, of the effects are reversible once the medication ceases.
  • “Top” or “bottom”: also in use in the gay community. In the T-girl community it refers to who is on the top or on the bottom in a typical position for sexual intercourse. This may vary according to whether your Trans woman has a penis which functions or not; 
  • Transgender women, Trans women, T-girls: refer to women whose designated birth gender and bodies do not correspond to their minds/the way they feel;
  • Trans-sexuals: an outdated term formerly in use for Transgender women which confused the fact that being Trans was somehow sexual in nature. As a better understanding of Trans women has evolved, this term has largely fallen into disuse;
  • She-males, chicks-with-dicks; derogatory terms for Trans women which are mainly used for Trans women working as prostitutes or appearing in porn films;

Transgender women are defined by their femininity and emotional outlook

All you ever need to know about Transgender women given the wide variety in different types of Trans people, do not be surprised to come across a myriad of such people on IDateLadyboy. All you really need to do is remember that they are first and foremost women. Then, treat with them all with respect and understanding and you will be successful in your quest for a Transgender woman to love and cherish for the long-term!