What to do when dating ladyboys

Many people think that sex is only about intercourse but actually, it starts much earlier on through flirtations and foreplay, creating a much more vulnerable connection between two people. In many cases, there are many honest, frank conversations after sex. Perhaps you have talked about sex with a ladyboy afterward or maybe you haven't. This article might be useful to you as well as for ladyboys. There are subjects that really should not be discussed in bed if you don't want to spoil that moment with your partner.

Never Bring Up Your Past Ladyboy Girlfriends Or Partners:

Bottom line, no one likes being compared to someone else whether it's a past love or replacing someone in a position at work. There are no “good” feelings that come out of comparisons in a relationship and never end well. That is why your ladyboy girlfriend would not appreciate being told about your ex-partner and the kind of sex you had with them. If you do not want to hurt your partner or make them jealous, it's a good idea to leave the subject out of your conversations under any circumstance.

Stay Away From Discussing Negative Sexual Experiences With Your Ladyboy:

There is no doubt that communication between couples is very important for a healthier relationship and when it's time for couples to talk about sex that can improve their sexual life together. That said, nobody wants to hear comments or advice about their sexual experience directly after sex that took place just a few minutes ago! These conversations are better left for other times, not during an intimate and vulnerable moment.

Never Make Comments About Your Ladyboy's Physical Appearance In The Negative:

Just try and imagine having a conversation in great detail about each others bodies after sharing an intimate moment together. Would you really find it an appropriate time to have a conversation about your partner's physical condition?

“Hey, sweetheart, you really should lose a few pounds!”

Unless you are looking for an all an all-out war, sparking insults, and negative discussions, refrain from making any comments at this time. You can find a more appropriate time to discuss physical appearances.

Avoid Discussions About Engagements Or Plans For A Future Marriage:

You really don't want to cause awkwardness during your romantic date with a transsexual right now. This is especially true on a first date and certainly not right after sex. You will probably make your partner feel they are trapped and at a loss of words. These topics are better left for more casual times and when you are both dressed to the nines and out on the town.

On The First Date, Stay Away From Confessions Of Love:

Ok, you are in a moment filled with high emotions and think this is the perfect time to say “I love you”, thinking this will cement your relationship. It's really a bad idea to utter these three little words after sex, especially for the first time. It can sound meaningless or just said on an impulse without really meaning it. There is nothing wrong with telling someone you love them, but you should give your relationship a chance to grow and develop beforehand.

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