Can you tell that I am a ladyboy

When male members of iDateLadyboys contact me, often one of the first questions they ask is: “Are you really a Transgender woman?”

Honestly, sometimes I’m not sure how to answer this poser.

I also don’t know whether to be happy or sad that they ask me this question. I guess it all depends on their reason or motivation for asking.

Ladyboys like specialized dating sites

On one hand, I joined a specialized dating site for Ladyboys and Trans women to make sure that there were no misunderstandings about my gender. I am tired of being in bars or clubs or other such places and having men try to “hit on” me. It happens to genetic women all the time so I should be pleased, I suppose. Men always want to “try their luck” with women to see if they can find a new sexual partner.

But, for Ladyboys, innocent flirting can lead to trouble if the man does not know you are Transgender. At the best they will abruptly walk away; at worst they will shout at you and maybe even get violent. It’s happened to my friend and she had bruises on her face where a man hit her when he learned she was a T-girl. It was him who made the first approach, not the other way around.

Being a member of iDateLadyboys offers Ladyboys and Transgender women comfort about their security and safety. I do expect that any men who contact me know about my gender status. So, the surprise is why they still ask me the question…

Getting to know someone before we meet is great for Ladyboys

The other great things about this dating site is that any T-girl can get to know the man she is chatting to before they meet. She can take a week, two weeks or even longer to chat online and get to know all about her potential suitor.  They can talk about their lives, hobbies and interests, career or life goals and so on. Naturally, questions will come up about the Trans woman’s medical status. This might be whether she has had breast implants or is on hormones. Has she had cosmetic or, the big one, genital surgery? Some questions are far easier to ask or answer from behind a computer keyboard. Both for the man and the T-girl.

So, if I get asked if I am really a Ladyboy, my reflex is to say, “Of course I am. Otherwise why would I be on this Trans dating site?”

Don’t doubt I am really a woman, Ladyboy or not

On the other hand, I am flattered that many men find it hard to believe that I am a T-girl as I look so feminine. Just like a “real woman” as they sometimes go on to say. The question here, I guess, is what is a real woman and what does she look like?

Find your date or true love on iDate Ladyboy – The not so ordinary dating site

What you need to know, or remember if you have forgotten, is that Transgender women are simply that, women. We are emotionally and temperamentally female. Maybe without some of the histrionics that go with genetic women, but still women. Yes, we have an extra body part or lack natural breasts—although taking female hormones can help breast growth. For me, I am lucky. I am naturally quite petite, being not more than 1.6m in height and about 48kg; my shoe size is women’s size 6.5. I don’t have a great deal of muscle mass and, maybe thanks to the help of hormones, have developed some curvature to my hips. Taking female hormones helps redistribute body fat so Trans women tend to have shapely hips and bottoms. Plus, as mentioned, sometimes natural breast growth. Like many T-girls, I must admit to having breast augmentation surgery but have breasts in proportion to my body size. I opted for a “B” cup.

Then, if you really need to know: Yes, I have had gender confirmation or reassignment surgery. Which means I have a fully functioning vagina. The result I that I can enjoy sex just as a genetic woman can.  I can also climax and do often. Many Transgender women are reported to have a higher sex drive than natural women. The exact reason has not been determined but I believe it to be something to do with the remnants of testosterone still our bodies. I also read that T-girls, as we don’t have typical female menopause, also keep our desire for sex to an older age. I’m sure that this is not the only reason so many men like Trans women, but it is a factor without a doubt.

So, there you go. If you doubt I am a Ladyboy, why would have I joined iDateLadyboys? Or, if you still doubt I am a Transgender woman as you really can’t tell the difference between me and a genetic woman, then I forgive your question….!