Ladyboys, relationships and intimacy

For any man who has been looking through the details of the beautiful Transgender women on iDateLadyboy, now and then thoughts must turn to sex. It’s natural, it’s normal and nothing to be ashamed about! And, after all, it’s an important part of any relationship, whatever the genders involved.

The first thing though, of course, is to get to really get to know the Ladyboy or Trans woman you are talking to. You need to find out about her likes and dislikes in all sort of matters, not just sex. For example, about what she is looking for in man; what she is looking for in a relationship. But, most of all you need to be sure that she is likely to be compatible with you in terms of personality, character and so on. After all, you are looking for a long-term relationship with a Transgender woman, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be on a Ladyboy dating site surfing through the various profiles, right?

And, yes, the temptation is to talk about sex. You are undoubtedly curious about what these lovely Ladyboys have between their legs. Do they still have “it” or not? And you also probably want to know what your T-girl thinks about sex, what is she comfortable with?

Well, as we have said before you will find out the answer in good time. Don’t rush into overly personal questions and certainly don’t start talking about sex until you have met in person. You wouldn’t do it if you were talking to a genetic woman, would you?

Sex with a Ladyboy provides a variety of options

In fact, one very good piece of advice we at iDateLadyboy can offer is as follows. Inevitably if you meet a nice Trans woman and start to build a relationship with her, the topic of sex has to come into the equation. We’re all human after all, with the same needs and wants and desires. But, and it’s a big but: have a very careful think about what you want from the relationship from a sexual point of view.

Many men romanticize and fantasize about being with a Ladyboy. Not surprising really as many of these T-girls are absolutely stunning. Especially Ladyboys from Thailand or Trans-pinay from The Philippines. On the surface, it’s almost impossible to tell that they were not born as genetic females!

Yet, when it comes to actually getting ready to engage in sexual relations, there are some key things you need to be aware about. Some key things which you need to have thought through beforehand.

There are many diverse shades of sexual preferences within the term “Trans women” or “Ladyboys”. To keep it simple, let’s say for now there are three primary groupings. Let’s also assume all of the T-girls you are meeting on iDateLadyboy have either had breast implant surgery or have natural breasts due to hormone growth.

So, we have Ladyboys:

  • who have had full gender confirmation surgery and, accordingly, a working, fully functioning vagina;
  • who have not had gender confirmation surgery and whose penis is fully functioning and likely to be used in sexual activity;
  • who have not had gender confirmation surgery and whose penis is either flaccid and not functioning usually due to intakes of hormones. Or it could be that the T-girl hates her organ so much that she does not want it to be used in sexual activity;

As we said, let’s keep it simple and not go too far into sexual preferences. Why? Well, some Ladyboys are lesbians and prefer to “sleep” with women, or bi-sexual and they can also enjoy sex with men as well.

What do you want from sex with a Ladyboy?

Now, let’s turn to you. When you are chatting and flirting with the Trans women on iDateLadyboy have you thought about which one of the three types of T-girls mentioned above are going to suit you best? Of course, if you fall in love with a Transgender woman from the site because of her looks or personality or overall character you may just have to accept what she has between her legs. Or do you?

You really need to be asking yourself: do I want a girl with a penis? If so, is it an “added bonus” or just something to live with? If it’s working penis, do I want it to be part of our sex-play? Do you, for example, want to be penetrated anally if your Trans partners wants it? Or do you just want to masturbate her, either manually or orally?

For Ladyboys without a penis, there are some who still enjoy anal sex as well as vaginal sex. They may will look to you to oblige anally. So, you need to be comfortable with this aspect.

Actually, it’s very hard to generalize about preferences about sexual activities. Most men and their Trans partners will be able to work out what suits both. But it’s always better to be prepared so that there are no unpleasant shocks once the relationship is underway. Some male members of iDateLadyboy absolutely love those Ladyboys T-girls who have a penis and see it as adding “spice” to a relationship. Others only want to be with Trans women who are post-op.

Just have a reasonably clear idea what you want before you get too committed!