Spice Up The Relationship With Your Ladyboy

Are you at a point where you want to level up your sex life with your ladyboy or boyfriend? There are so many pills, juice, and whatnot in the market. But here at iDate Ladyboy, we also believe in the promise of organic and the chance for you to explore more options.
Don’t worry all our top picks can easily be purchased at your local market. Ready to up your seduction game and make your relationship more stimulating and sensual? Read on…

1. Do the oil wonders with your lover

Aromatherapy oils will heat up the desire of your partner to go wild with you. Popular sexy scents are cinnamon, ylang ylang, vanilla, and citrus. To get into the mood, you can also light up some candles to set the vibe of your bedroom. Start with gentle touching and kissing until you get more intimate with your transgender or gentleman partner.

Practice what massage you want to gift to your partner. Without proper techniques, things might not go as you plan. You know what your lover wants and what points can easily make him or she arouse, focus on that.

2. Taste the berries on your partner’s mouth

Feeding doesn’t have to be done in the normal way anymore. Place different types of berries in your partner’s mouth and give him or her deep and intense kiss. It is the perfect make-out idea for your transwoman or gentleman lover. Ideally, you can do it on a couch and enjoy licking and biting the berries on each other’s mouth.

3. Get ready for some dark chocolate fantasies

Yes, chocolates are as sexy as they can get! But before using your melted chocolate, you need to prepare yourself. You want your transsexual or gentleman sweetheart to focus on you – and you can easily get his or her attention by wearing something little.

Easily drip a small amount of chocolate on your partner’s body and lick it with your tongue. Trust us, it works! Make the movement of your tongue as sensuous as possible and maintain eye contact with your lover. The rest will follow.

4. Have a slippery relationship adventure using avocados

Did you know that when avocados are rubbed in the body, they can be a perfect way to replenish and freshen up your skin? Your showers don’t have to be boring anymore through this wonderful suggestion.

Instead of rubbing yourself alone, why don’t you do it together with your transwoman or gentleman? Just turn your avocados into a creamy pudding. Not only will you improve your skin, but you’ll also boost the arousal you have for your partner.

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