Things to know about Dating Thai Ladyboys

No doubt when you have been looking through Transgender dating sites such as IDate Ladyboy, you have seen photographs and profiles of all of the beautiful Thai Ladyboys.

World famous for their grace and femininity plus, of course, their spectacular cabaret shows which tour the globe, Thai Trans women are desired by many men.

If you are honest, that’s probably one of the main reasons you joined IDate Ladyboy  in the first place. You, too, are looking for a Thai Ladyboy to date and build a long-term relationship with!

About Ladyboys from Thailand

Hopefully you have done some of your own research and checked out what being Transgender is all about. Still, let us expand a little more and tell you some more things you need to know about Thai Ladyboys:

  1. most Thai Ladyboys will tell you that when they were growing up, they felt different. They didn’t feel or act like other boys in their village or town. Maybe they preferred to be with or around girls or avoid rough games or activities which the boys played. Yet, these young boys probably didn’t know why they were different or that they were Ladyboys;
  2. most Thai families are tolerant and understanding when their young son decides that he wants to dress in girl’s clothes and present as female. There is a long history of the “third gender” being recognised in Thailand. Often, being Transgender runs in families and it is not unusual to find that a Trans girl in Thailand has a Ladyboy relative, maybe an uncle or cousin;
  3. many young Ladyboys enter beauty pageants or competitions at the local fair or a temple event when they are as young as 9 or 10. Usually they have the tacit blessing of their families and it is seen as an honour to win such a competition. Sometimes entering local pageants has been the way the biggest Ladyboy cabaret stars have begun their careers;
  4. starting to take female hormones is popular amongst many Ladyboys when they are around the ages of 13 or 14. These are usually unprescribed and will mean taking female contraceptives for their oestrogen content. Such pills are readily available from pharmacies or from other T-girls. They help with breast development and some redistribution of body fat to give the Trans girl a better female shape;

The ladyboys of Thailand

  1. as they enter their teen years, many Ladyboys begin to dress openly as female, perhaps only changing back to “male mode” for school. Thai society may not wholly accept Transgender women but it is certainly tolerant of boys dressing as girls. There is little of the threat of assault, intimidation or physical abuse you associate with Ladyboys have to endure in western societies;
  2. by the time Transgender women reach 18 and head off to University, most have already fully come out. They will have grown their hair long and dress full time as a female. Probably their breasts have grown, with some girls already having had breast augmentation surgeries. Some universities even have separate toilets for Trans girls. On a typical campus you can see literally dozens of T-girls;
  3. a big hurdle for Trans women to get over in Thailand is conscription to the Thai Army which is for up to 2 years. Every Thai male over the age of 21 has to enlist. As Ladyboys are not allowed to change their birth designation on their national ID cards, they are still, in the eyes of the government, technically male. This leads to amazing scenes at conscription offices on the due day for registration. Beautiful Transgender women who may have had full transition surgeries line up with muscular, tough-looking males to be formally exempted from army service. This exemption is due to being Trans previously being considered as a mental illness;
  4. yes, it’s true: a very high percentage of Thai Ladyboys hanker to be a well-known cabaret star. Partly this is because innately Thais like to entertain and be entertained. But, partly, as a career in cabaret can be very lucrative with good salaries and fringe benefits (such as overseas travel if you make it big). Then, of course is the chance to wear all of those lovely dresses and costumes;

Thai Transgender Women

  1. you may be surprised to know that full transition is not the goal of every Ladyboy. A high proportion of Thai Transgender women opt to have breast implants and some facial feminization surgery. Yet, not all have gender reassignment and many T-girls keep the genitals they were born with. Sometimes this is due to their undecided or flexible sexuality, other times it’s to do with old beliefs about not having major surgeries. Of course, there are many Trans women who simply have to fully transition to survive;
  2. finally, don’t think that all Thai Ladyboys are cabaret or TV stars. The vast majority of Transgender women in the country lead low-key normal lives with jobs in offices, shops and other professions. They don’t seek the limelight or wish to attract undue attention, just to get on with their lives and do the best they can. After all, T-girls are still fighting for acceptance by society as a whole. Many Trans women look through sites such as IDate Ladyboy in order to find a foreign man to date and love them. But this applies equally to genetic Thai women who are also looking for a better life!