The Ladyboys Of Southeastern Asia

If you are interested in dating transsexual women, or ladyboys, chances are you will land in Southeastern Asia. You could possibly meet someone in your own area of the world but it could be limited. That is not to say that some transgender women are better than others, it's just that there is a larger population in Asia than elsewhere. After all, the term “ladyboy” came from Thailand and the Philippines.

It might sound unbelievable, but looking at an Asian transgender girl, it's hard to believe that she was born a male. They actually look so frail, delicate, and very feminine, not masculine at all. These ladyboys are graceful, elegant, and have the attention of men all over the world. These girls pay a great deal of attention to their appearances and know how to come across as beautiful, sexy, and very happy! Due to their cheerful disposition, this is why men enjoy spending time with them.

Unlike some areas of the world, society in Thailand and Philippines are a great deal more respectful and tolerant toward gay couples. You will not experience people distastefully glancing your way, even if your girlfriend looks like a natural woman. You will not experience discrimination like you do in western society. Reading tip: Dating Filipina Ladyboys

Prejudices & Stereotypes:

Even though the level of tolerance for transgenders in Asia is high, that is not to say there are not prejudices and stereotyping. There are those who believe that all ladyboys work in bars as go-go dancers and other areas in the sex industry. These opinions might surface in places like the tourist areas of Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok. That said, if you get away from the red-light districts and just get into everyday environments, you will discover that ladyboys live their lives just like everyone else. They make a living in their chosen profession, they have dreams just like everyone else and have goals looking for love, happiness, and a comfortable personal life.

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