The best way to find a Ladyboy

I must admit, I was hesitant to join IDate Ladyboy, the famous Transgender dating site. Initially, I wanted to keep my interest in Ladyboys to myself as there are a lot of prejudiced, judgemental people out there. Many people reflexively jump to conclusions about men who like T-girls without really understanding what the Trans scene and Trans women are all about. They don’t or can’t accept that there really is a “third gender”. Or they don’t agree that gender is a spectrum and, in reality, all of us males actually have some female characteristics. It’s just a question of degree!

In some ways being seen at wanting to date Ladyboy is a “double edge”. I know for sure that some of my friends really admire Transgender women. They adore their femininity and beauty. I’ve even heard some of my work colleagues comment that many T-girls are more beautiful than genetic women. Yet some men have fears that if they openly acknowledge their attraction to Ladyboys they will be labeled as “gay” or called other derogatory names.

Many men are initially curious about Ladyboys

On the other hand, despite these drawbacks and risk of being called names, many men are seriously curious about T-girls. They want to know what it is really like to date a Transgender woman. They are especially enraptured by some of the amazingly beautiful Ladyboys from Thailand or Trans-pinay from The Philippines. Many men wonder what it would be like to have a long-term relationship with a Transgender beauty. Or have sex with a loving Ladyboy from the third gender!

So, such men do some secret research. Maybe they scroll through videos on YouTube of the more famous Transgender pageants and enjoy seeing the girls parade in swimsuits, evening wear and daywear.  They might review some documentaries about real-life experiences of Ladyboys. Then, in order to know more, a large number of men will check out the medical side of being Trans. They research what are the suspected causes of Transgenderism and what steps do many T-girls take to remedy their so-called gender dysphoria. They will learn about hormonal treatment, breasts implants and vaginoplasty surgery. As a result, most men come to the conclusion that Ladyboys are simply women who may have been born with an extra appendage!

Finally, they might log on to a number of websites and read comments and advice from other men who have more experience with Ladyboys, Trans-pinay or Caucasian Trans women.

Once a man has enough information about T-girls, he now needs to take the next big step. That is, work out how to meet a beautiful Ladyboy. For some of the reasons relating to discrimination and prejudices mentioned above, this is not a small step and not to be taken lightly. The man may still be worried about openly dating a Transgender woman. What will his friends, works colleague and even his family think? How will they react to him dating a female who has been assigned a male gender marker at birth?

Ladyboys are allocated a gender by the physical appearance of their genitals

When anyone is born, doctors and other medical staff make a judgment about gender after seeing what is between our legs. You cannot say they are wrong and, for most of the time, they are absolutely right. If the baby has a penis it’s a boy, if it has a vagina it must be female. But the medical staff have no way of knowing when T-girls are born that their brains are out of sync with their body appearance. In the case of a baby assigned male, with Trans women their thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns are female.

Once a man looking to date a Ladyboy grasps and accepts this, he will be ready to look for the Transgender woman of his dreams. And, hopefully, not care to much about what his colleagues, friends and family think. If he falls in love with a Transgender woman and they establish a strong long-term relationship then so be it.

The only way to find a Ladyboy beauty to date

But now we come to a critical part. The natural tendency for any many looking to date a Ladyboy is to take what they think is an easy route. Maybe pack up their bags and head for Bangkok or Pattaya, Manila or Cebu for a couple of weeks. After all, there are plenty of Transgender women working in bars, clubs and other public places in those countries. It must be easy to find a beautiful Ladyboy or Trans-pinay to date and spend some time with, right?

Find your date or true love on iDate Ladyboy – The not so ordinary dating site

For those men who resist the urge to travel overseas to Asia or don’t have the money or time to do so, the temptation is to head for one of Europe’s bigger cities. This may be London or Paris or Amsterdam or Munich where plenty of T-girls are known to reside. The expectation of most men looking for a Trans woman is that it will straightforward locate and meeting a genuine T-girl in one of the bars or clubs for a loving relationship.

Believe me, it is not! The only effective way is to join a specialized ladyboy dating site. Really!

I joined IDate Ladyboy after trying many ways to connect with a Ladyboy who was right for me. I spent a lot of time and money going to bar and clubs hoping to find a Trans woman I could have a long-term relationship with. Finally, I did it from the comfort of my home. By taking my time and getting to know the person was planning to date. By knowing that all the girls I was talking to were genuine.

That was five years and Cynthia, my Ladyboy girlfriend, and I have been together now for just over four years. So, what are you waiting for: sign up to IDate Ladyboy today! Oh…, and no-one else needs to know!