Trans women talking about ladyboy dating

Orawan scrolled through the profiles of men on the iDateLadyboy Ladyboy dating site on her i-pad as the make-up artist gently dabbed at her face with a soft pad. Hmm…, so many Trans attracted men, she thought. I wonder if it’s time to start dating again? Maybe a Ladyboy dating site is the best way? I’ve had so many disappointments with men through regular dating.

The Trans woman noticed another Ladyboy sit down on the vacant chair beside her, and start looking at herself in the large mirror on the wall.

“Hi,” the other Ladyboy finally said, watching as a hairdresser started checking Orawan’s hair. “I’m Rosita, how are you?”

“I’m fine thank you,” replied Orawan, clasping her hands together and giving Rosita a wai (a Thai greeting). “Are you Miss Transgender Philippines?”

“Yes,” said Rosita showing her number 26 to Orawan. “You’re very beautiful, you should have a good chance to win the competition. Are you here with your boyfriend or husband?”

Find your date or true love on iDate Ladyboy – The not so ordinary dating site

Ladyboys need help with dating

Orawan smiled. “No, I’m here all alone.” She paused and a look of sadness crossed her brow. “In fact, I was just looking through this dating site which specializes in helping Trans women find men who are looking for a genuine relationship,” holding up her i-pad so that Rosita could see it.

“Oh…, I thought it was easy to find a man to date in Thailand,” said Rosita. “So many foreign men visit your country. And so many seem to be attracted to Trans women or Ladyboys.” She laughed. “I thought you’d say that you had at least five boyfriends!”

“No…, one is enough. If I can find him, that is.” The hairdresser finished doing Orawan’s hair and turned her attention to Rosita. Orawan continued speaking, “It’s actually quite hard for Trans women in Thailand to find a nice man. Someone who loves her for what she is. And someone who is genuine.”

“Sounds like The Philippines,” laughed Rosita. “Lots of nice, Trans oriented, handsome men, but so many are scared to be seen with a Trans-Pinay… oh, that’s what we are called at home, by the way. They worry what their friends or families might think. I really don’t get it as, after all, we are women emotionally. Plus, in my case, I am post-op so have a fully functioning, fully operational vagina. In reality. there is little difference between me and a genetic woman.”

Finding a genuine man can be a challenge for Ladyboys

“Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Same problem here. Thai men are just the same. Foreign men are a little bit different but some only see Ladyboys as a fetish, you know something to try once and then discard. Or many foreigners don’t know we are Trans and then get mad when they find out.” Orawan waved her i-pad again. “That’s why I just joined iDateLadyboy. Once this pageant is out of the way, I’m determined to find a genuine, Trans oriented man to date.”

“Tell me more about the site, please,” Rosita asked. “It might be something I should look at.”

Orawan pulled her chair closer to Rosita’s and pointed at the i-pad screen. “Let me go back to the home page. Well, the site is free for Ladyboys or Transgender women to join. It’s also very quick and easy and you can be looking at men’s profiles within minutes. Men need to buy a membership package though.”
“Actually that’s good,” said Rosita. “I guess it makes sure the man is really interested in finding a Trans woman to date. Otherwise, he will not spend money to just surf the site.”

Find your date or true love on iDate Ladyboy – The not so ordinary dating site

Ladyboys need love and affection

“True. Now, where was I…? Oh, yes, once you’ve joined, the next step is to make a nice profile. I kept the text of mine fairly short. I just mentioned that I have a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications. I talked a little bit about my likes and dislikes and what characteristics I like in men. You can also upload a number of photos. My first thought was to put some bikini shots on my profile but decided I didn’t want to show anything too sexy. I want to meet a man who is interested in me for my mind as well as my body.” Orawan laughed. “Although I do like a man with a nice body!”

Rosita laughed too. “Me too. But the most important thing for me is that he accepts me as a woman. I want to find someone who is warm and compassionate. Someone who has strong ideals and believes in having goals in his life.”

“Well, one of the great things I’ve found about online dating is that you can ask the men who contact you all sorts of questions before you meet. You can take your time and chat in the peacefulness of your home, and at a time to suit you. No messing around waiting in bars or clubs hoping you’ll find a nice, Trans attracted man. No mistakes or misunderstandings. Honestly, I really got tired of the dating scene before I joined iDateLadyboy. Now I’m chatting with six men. One or two I know I won’t ever date, and they know that too. But we have become good friends and can share advice and tips and so on.”

“What about the other four?”

Trans women are in high demand by foreign men

Orawan touched the thumb of her left hand. “The first man, Ralf, is from Denmark and says he will be in Bangkok on 20th.” She touched her next finger. “The second man, John from the UK already lives in Thailand and we met briefly last week when he was in the city. He was very nice and we plan to have dinner after the pageant is over and I’m back in Bangkok. The other two, both from Australia, I am still talking to. We’re just finding more about each other.”

“Okay, I’m convinced,” declared Rosita. “Help me sign up to the iDateLadyboy dating site now!