The most typical stages most Trans-pinay go through

If you talk to most Trans-pinay with profiles listed on IDate Ladyboy, their stories are eerily familiar. Many T-girls from The Philippines also make their own transition videos and share them on YouTube. You can again see the similarities between the stories of Transgender women who originate from the hundreds of islands which make up the famous archipelago.

The challenges most T-girls face, the triumphs they share. Then, when everything settles down and they are accepted by close family and relatives as Trans-pinay, the joys they encounter. And when a Transgender woman meets a man who will love and cherish them just as they would genetic women, the elation and sense of fulfillment the girls feel.

Trans-pinay follow a fairly consistent development pattern

So, let’s have a look at some of the key stages a Trans-pinay goes through in The Philippines. There may be some variations but, by and large, there is a great deal of consistency amongst the T-girls:

  • around the age of 5 or 6, most Trans-pinays experience a feeling of knowing they are different but are not sure why. They may like to play with girl’s toys or feel more comfortable playing with females but they just accept it and, as children do, get on with it;
  • a year or so later, especially if they have older sisters, may Trans-pinay take their first ventures into trying on women’s clothing. Quite why, they don’t know, they just do. It might be a dress or skirt and top or, for the more adventurous, panties and a padded bra;
  • let’s say around 10 or 11, as a child’s awakening sexual preference show their first signs, many T-girls start to realize that they are more attracted to other boys or males. This might take the form of a crush or just admiration—but certainly, there is no interest in girls from a sexual point of view
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Many Filipinos are still confused about Trans women

  • by the time many Trans-pinay get to high school, they will have heard something about gay people or Transgender women. They may know someone indirectly (such as a cousin or auntie) or have a close friend or two who is T. Surprisingly, there is still confusion in Filipino society about T-girls and many people still use the word “gay” to describe Trans women. You can even now still hear this term used on Filipino TV, despite all of the success and fame brought to the country by their Transgender beauties;
  • in early high school, many Trans-pinay start experimenting with hormones and make-up. Using hormones might be encouraged by their T-girl peers and the make-up is a natural progression to try and look more feminine. Hormones are usually ingested by taking contraceptives, birth control pills for their estrogen content. However, some girls manage to get hold of liquid hormones and needles to self-inject;
  • it is often around this time (if not slightly earlier) that families, especially mothers, start to notice something is different about their “sons”. Their overall look is more feminine, their hair is longer than normal and they don’t seem to be chasing girls as other boys are! The next step is usually a quick visit to the local priest who, for most Filipinos, is the fountain of all wisdom. In reality, these vassals of suppression know little about gender matters. They either suggest that such feminine tendencies are beaten out of the young T-girl or the parties should pray to correct their ways. Of course, neither way works and the young Trans-pinay has to find her own way forward. Often, but not always, this is without family support. Dealing with, usually macho, Filipino fathers is one of the biggest challenges for most Transgender girls;
  • moving forward, most Trans-pinay will continue with hormones and start spending more and more time dressed and acting as females. There is a very large community of young T-girls at most Filipino high schools and colleges and they offer each invaluable support. Usually, by the time a Trans-pinay is at university entrance age, she will be living full time as female;
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Transgender often women blossom at university

  • indeed, the university is the time that many Trans-pinay finally openly come out as Trans. That is, unless they have been entering beauty pageants from their early teens so that their true gender has been known for some time. In fact, a number of Trans women come to an agreement of sorts with their families. Losing face or being embarrassed is a very big issue in Asia so many T-girls present as male through their school years to appease their family. In return they may have a promise. That is, once they graduate with a good degree from a university, the families will only let any objections to the T-girl presenting as female lapse. Also, importantly, some families offer support and carrot post-university. The carrot may be funds for breasts implants or even vaginoplasty if the Trans women aspire to this;
  • the end result: by the time they are 18 or 20 or in their early twenties many Trans-pinays are nothing less than gorgeous. There is nothing to say that they were designated as male at birth. Naturally slight in build, usually with mainly hairless bodies, small Adams’s apples, a very large proportion of the Transgender women from The Philippines are stunning. You only have to look at contestants in some of the beauty pageants to realize that many are far more beautiful then genetic women.

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