What Ladyboys look for in a man

If you look through the profiles of men on the iDateLadyboys website looking for a Ladyboy or Trans-pinay to date, you can see all sorts of men. Tall or short. Thin or of heavier build. With black hair, brown hair; or maybe no hair. As young as their early 20’s. Or in the prime of life at 70+!

There are men from countries all over the world. They are mainly from the US, but with a high percentage from the UK or Australia. Of course, there are men from European countries such as Germany or France or Sweden looking for a T-girl. Plus, men from eastern Europe or Canada.

Ladyboys are in high demand from foreign men

They all have one thing in common. They are looking to find and date a Transgender woman. Almost all want to enjoy a long-term relationship with a T-girl. With the increased awareness of and visibility of Trans women, there has been a corresponding rise in the number of men looking for a Ladyboy. Naturally, this translates to an increased number of men joining popular dating sites such as iDateLadyboys.

There has also been a huge increase in Trans women joining dating sites. Partly this is due to such women realizing that they will have more success finding men this way. It’s far more effective for these girls to find a man from the comfort of their own home. No more hanging around clubs and bars waiting for a man. No more getting ready and traveling to the city on the off-chance they will find someone they like. It’s free for a T-girl to join a dating site. And this can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. So, join this afternoon and be chatting with a man before dinner time! It’s a no-brainer joining an online dating site, especially for Trans women!

Key characteristics Ladyboys or Trans-pinay look for in a man

But, let’s take a step further. Let’s look at what type of men Trans-Pinays are looking for. There’s certainly a lot of choices. But, amongst all of the available men, T-girls are looking for men who are:

  • Genuine: there are some men who are simply curious about Transgender women. They wish to know what it’s like to date a woman who may have some male parts. Or they are looking only for a short-term liaison, have sex (paid or otherwise) and move on. Ladyboys are generally looking for some stability in their lives and are seeking an LTR (long term relationship);
  • Caring: every woman wants a man who really cares for her, looks out for her. Transgender women are no exception. It’s the little thing that count such as opening doors, helping the Ladyboy carry heavy bags and so on. If the man can show he really cares for his Trans partner, he will be well rewarded;
  • Understanding: T-girls actually go through a lot. From early beginnings when they are young and are not sure of themselves. Are they male or female? Are they gay or straight? It’s quite a mental challenge to handle when your brain does not match with your body type. Men need to understand some of the dilemmas;
  • Awareness of Ladyboys and of Trans-matters: it will always help if a man has some understanding of Transgender matters. Hopefully, he will have done some research to find out what being Trans really means. If he can understand the key differences between cross-dressing and the various degrees of being Trans, this will be a bonus;
  • Supportive: Ladyboys prefer men who are supportive of them when they face challenges. This may be prejudices or the discrimination many Trans women face simply because they are different. It could be in a work situation or in shops or when they wish to use the public bathroom. The man needs to always offer support for his woman;
  • Strong character to deflect any negativity: ideally, the man should have a strong character to help counter negativity he may face as he is dating a Ladyboy. Sometimes he will face prejudices or even slurs from so-called friends due to his relationship with a T-girl;
  • Money: just like genetic women, many Ladyboys dream of finding a rich man, or at least someone with enough money to provide for them. This doesn’t mean the man has to pay for any medical treatment or surgeries, just that he can provide financially for day to day living expenses;

Ladyboys are similar to genetic women when looking for a man

This summary list is not exhaustive and you can easily add some more points. The key thing to remember when you are looking through profiles on iDateLadyboys is that Transgender women are emotionally women. To all intents and purposes, they are simply women and the “Trans” pre-fix can easily be omitted. So, what they look for in a man is the same as any other woman. Remember this and you’ll go far!