Why foreign men love dating Asian ladyboys

A number of my friends were surprised and asked me why I had decided to join a dating site for Ladyboys. One told me that I could find a man easily in any night club and didn’t need to join iDateLadyboy. “Why a Ladyboy dating site?” she asked.

I know they were only expressing their concern for me. But the truth is, I have been trying to find a genuine man to date for over 6 months. I just haven’t told them. You see, I am a Ladyboy from The Philippines, often known as a Trans-pinay. In The Philippines we also get called “gay”, “queers” and some other derogatory names which I’m not going to mention. I’m just 24, and graduated from a good University last summer with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism. I have a very interesting job and all that is missing in my life is a nice, genuine man to date and take care of me as his long-term girlfriend or, even better, his wife.

Many Ladyboys dream of meeting a foreign man to date 

Honestly, I prefer foreign men and my dream is to date and meet a man from the US or UK or one of the European countries, although as long as he is a good man I really don’t mind. Sure, men in The Philippines do date Ladyboys, but they’re always worried about what their friends or family will think if they find out. Many, many Filipino men date Trans woman for a while, maybe a year or two. But then, even though they may not want to, they’re forced by their families to find a genetic woman to date and marry. The man’s family ultimately want a grandchild or two you see, so dating a Ladyboy is frowned upon.

Sad to say, we are looked down on in our own country simply for being Ladyboys. Many of us Trans-pinay are better educated, present well and have a positive attitude to work and life. But it’s still not good enough for many people, especially the religious zealots who run the country.

Still, let’s go back to me and my dating plans which is what I wanted to talk about.

Find your date or true love on iDate Ladyboy – The not so ordinary dating site

Dating Ladyboys online works well for both parties

Before I made my decision to join iDateLadyboy, I thought hard and long. I talked to some of my Trans-pinay friends and listened to their comments and advice. I also looked through the profiles of some of the other Transgender women on the site to see what they said about themselves.

If I had to summaries my reasons for joining a Ladyboy dating site, in no special order, I’d say:

  • easy and quick to join, I enrolled in minutes. Plus, of course, it is free for Trans women;
  • I knew that all men are the site are Trans-attracted men. Obviously, in turn, they know that all of the women on the site are Trans women like me. So, no misunderstandings or problems likely to arise if a man suddenly or unexpectedly finds out you are not a genetic woman;
  • there is a huge selection of male members looking for Ladyboys, with new ones joining very day. Plenty of choice, which is a stark contrast to my situation now. The chances of finding a man in the suburb of Manila where I live are quite slim. Sure, I may meet on or two in a bar or club, but seeing dozens of eligible men online, and from all over the world, is really quite exciting. Plus, it makes me think my chances of success are much higher. I just needed to make sure my profile was eye-catching;

Meeting foreign men online is far better than hanging around bars and clubs

  • I became, oh so, tired of hanging around places where I thought I might meet a new boyfriend. You know, all that getting ready, traveling into the city and hoping to meet someone. Then, there is the disappointment of not meeting anyone and feeling like I just wasted my evening. To be able to “date” a man (or several men) by sitting behind a computer and getting to know someone reasonably well before meeting them is such a big plus;
  • and, finally, the safety aspect. It’s just so much more comfortable and reassuring to talk with someone online over a period of weeks, ask any reasonable question you want without the fear of them getting angry or upset. It can be dangerous for Trans women in Manila, especially if you are out late at night. Unfortunately, men who are out that time of night and see a single woman just think she is a “working girl”.

There are plenty more reasons why I joined iDate Ladyboy, but the best of all? I found a genuine man to date. He is from Holland and will be here in The Philippines to see me in three weeks. I can’t wait!