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iDateLadyboy prides itself on giving exceptional service to its users. To fulfill this, we only want to ensure that we provide you the ultimate browsing experience. As a start, we want to show you our trustworthiness and our aim to link you with the right information by being capable and responsible of your privacy, making sure it is not violated and securing your data in the best way possible.

Included in this is our detailed explanation on how we, our partners, users of our services are affected by the cookies used in this website, why we are using it and the options on how to control it.  Furthermore, this page also shares how we collect, process, and store your information.

what are cookies?

Our website uses cookies for various reasons. Cookies are a set of data that are stored in text files which are stored on your computer or devices once you load our website. This is widely used to help our website get to know you better by taking note of your preferences.

In turn, this helps you have a consistent and efficient experience. One great example is allowing you to register or log in anytime without the hassle of typing out your password again. But you also have the option to refuse our site from remembering your password. Remember, we are committed to giving you full control in limiting the data we store.

Other reasons include allowing us to display advertising materials that are from selected third party networks.  We give you the freedom of either accepting or refusing our cookies. However, once you disable our cookies, you also almost completely disable the function and features of our site. Thus, without it, you will have a dull experience. But if you are still setting your sights on disabling our cookies, you may do so on your browser but at the risk of not being able to have smooth navigation on our website.

Kind of cookies we use

Kind of Cookies Significance (Why We Use It)
Permanent cookies

These are essential to perform the basic functions of our website. Part of this is allowing our registered users to authenticate their identity and perform other related functions. It may also remember your account name, the language you prefer, and the location of your browser, but only if you allow it.

Aside from that, the other category of this is the security cookies which help see potential security risks on your account.

Session Cookies These are short-term cookies that are only used when you open the website and disappear once you close or leave our website. We use this to examine patterns that are web traffic related.
Analytics and Performance cookies This is used to collect information on how you interact on our website. To help us give you the full experience, we record what pages you visited the most or what kind of content you usually check out. This way, our website can see analyzed data on the preferred content of our users. More than helping you, it will also help us manage our websites function better.

If you have any questions or are still confused about the use of our cookies, you may also find relevant details stated in our Privacy Policy.