10 opening sentences for you to break the ice

The question that always comes back to online dating, what is the perfect sense to break the ice with that nice Ladyboy or man? Especially for our members, we have listed 10 opening sentences for you to use. In any order:

No. 1. "Hello stranger..."

Perhaps the simplest opening sentence from the list, but it is still more effective than just 'hi' or 'hi, how are you?'. With 'hello stranger' you acknowledge that you are strangers to each other, and it opens the door for the others to hook into this.

No. 2. "Congratulations we are a match..."

This is a phrase that is a bit arrogant and daring, yet playful nonetheless. It happens to the other that the person should be 'happy' with you as a match, and invites you to respond.

No. 3. "Do, dare or the truth..."

So childish, but fair is fair ... did you not find it exciting to play this game with the boy, girl or trans woman you had a crush on? Now that we are a few years older it gives us a Déjà vu feeling and strengthens the feeling to respond to this. The advantage of this opening sentence is that it is original and not boring. And if the person you send it to also appreciates this humor, it has the potential to start a lengthy conversation based on the questions asked and answers obtained.

No. 4. "Hi, what does your perfect day look like?"

Everyone has a thought about what their perfect day looks like and it is certainly not a standard opening sentence. When answered, it immediately gives a good way to find out what kind of person you are dealing with. It provides insight into his or her life and interests. Well be prepared that ladyboy or man to whom you sent the question will eventually answer the question with "and what does your perfect day look like?"

No. 5. "If you can wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?"

This is a question somewhat similar to the previous opening sentence, and it also stirs up the imagination of the person who sent the question. The question can also evoke nice old memories such as a commemorative holiday or other positive memory. Depending on how the question is answered, this can provide insight into whether your potential partner would like to travel. And maybe this could also be a nice and original location to go here together.

No. 6. "You seem to me to be the type to do / practice / plays in your spare hours..."

Many ladyboys and men who are interested in them consider that online dating and making first contact is equivalent to an job interview. The conversation is started with a question, followed by an answer, and this process continues to repeat until you have the feeling that you have entered a job interview. A common question is "what are your hobbies?" Or "what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?". By formulating these questions differently, the 'job interview conversation' prevents feeling and you reduce the chance that your opening sentence is seen as boring.

No. 7. "What can I wake you up for at night?"

This is an opening sentence that prompts the other person's brain to come up with something positive. Something fun, funny perhaps something tasty like chocolate or bonbons and maybe also something erotic. A positive mindset is always good to start with and immediately makes a good first impression. If your ladyboy match or the man you sent this question to answered with something tasty like 'Toblerone' for example, you immediately know what to bring with you on the first date!

No. 8. "Do you believe in love at the first click?"

An on-topic opening sentence that actually always elicits a response and usually also elicits a smile from the other. Nothing more nothing less.

No. 9. "What is the most exciting thing you have ever done?"

This is another challenging opening sentence that can evoke positive associations and emotions. It makes the recipient think back to something positive and to which she or he has nice memories. You immediately know whether you have a click with each other, but there is also the chance that your other person is much more evening-oriented than you are.

No. 10. “Hey 'username', you are too cute for 'iDateLadyboy'. Stop it!"

And we have already reached the last opening sentence of the list, and this opening sentence is fairly short and personal (by username) and also adds some humor. It is almost certain that it will put a smile on the face of the one you sent this message to. So there is a good chance that you will receive a response! Be aware, if you copy and paste this sentence, that you change the username. Otherwise it is immediately a letdown.

We hope that those 10 opening sentences has helped you to get to the perfect opening sentence for online Ladyboy Dating experience.

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