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When you think of the term "Ladyboy", what are the first few things which come to your mind? Beautiful, Asian Transgender women? With long, dark hair, taller than the average Asian woman, and with a really great figure...?

If so, that's pretty much the same as almost all foreign men think. They have this vision or dream about Ladyboys, often seeing them as the perfection of Asian womanhood.

Ladyboys appear almost everywhere you look on the internet, mainly on specialised dating sites such as idateLadyboy. So, it's no real surprise that many men have dating fantasies and longings about being with such Trans women.

Yet here we have a conundrum. Definitely the interest and temptation is there for many men to date Ladyboys. But some are not sure how to get started with such dating and still be discrete. After all, with society the way it is, some men are concerned about what their colleagues might say if they turn up to an event with a beautiful T-girl on their arm!

For most people, Ladyboys came to prominence thanks to the stunning Ladyboys of Thailand who perform in one of the amazing cabaret shows in Thai tourist destinations. Or they may have seen one of the beautiful Trans-pinay from The Philippines winning an international beauty pageant. Across Asia, Trans-pinay and the Thai Ladyboys tend to get the most attention. Yet, it is often overlooked that there are Ladyboys or Transgender women in most other Asian countries.

Singapore T-girls were especially famous in the 80s and early 90s, but there are also Trans women in Indonesia and Malaysia, both very religious, Muslim dominated countries. Plus, there are Transgender women in Vietnam and China, both countries with very conservative political environments. So, in short, the terms used may differ but the term "Ladyboy(s)" captures the image of a T-girl so well, it is often used to refer to Trans women in a multitude of Asian countries.

Definitely the interest and temptation is there for many men to date Ladyboys.

How did the term "Ladyboy(s)" come about?

The term "Ladyboy" just seemed to appear some years ago. Whether it was introduced to help western or non-Asian tourists to Thailand or The Philippines understand more about the "third gender", no-one really knows.

The Thai term for Transgender women is Kathoey whilst The Philippines has Trans-pinay or Bakla which really refers to gay men, not Trans women. However, it is mistakenly used for T-girls. This may be deliberate or it may not but, in any event, it is best stay with Ladyboy or Trans-pinay.

As some of these terms have negative connotations, someone somewhere came up with Ladyboy. Taking "Lady" from the feminine side, and "Boy" from the masculine side, the word of "Ladyboy" originated. The word has since become synonymous with Transgender woman throughout Asia, albeit subject to local variations

For almost all Ladyboys in Asia, their daily lives can be full of contradictions. In Thailand or The Philippines, Transgender women are, for the most part, tolerated but not totally accepted. However, in the overly religious countries such as Malaysia or Indonesia life can be much more difficult. In politically very conservative countries such as Vietnam or China things are generally getting better for Trans women, albeit slowly.

Don't try to stereotype Ladyboys, they are all different

Ladyboys are easy targets for stereotyping and an unduly high proportion of people automatically think of them as bar workers, prostitutes or sex workers. There are also issues when want to have their gender changed on their National ID or passport or get married to a man they love. Plenty of prejudices then come into play.

However, you cannot really stereotype Ladyboys.

They are not all the same in terms of education. Many overachieve academically as a response to being discriminated against. On a typical University Campus in Thailand you will see many Ladyboys studying for Bachelor's degrees. You will also meet Transgender women running all sorts of businesses or see them on TV or in political office.

Ladyboys are not the same in terms of the status of their transition to female or their sexuality.

Some Ladyboys have had breast implants, genital reconstruction and facial feminisation. Some may have had breast enhancement but retained their penises. Others do little, if no, cosmetic surgery in order to appear feminine.

Then there is the sexuality of Ladyboys. Some of these Trans women only like men, whilst others can enjoy sex with men or women. So, there are a myriad of Ladyboys, all with slightly different facets of character and outlook!

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