Trans-pinay in The Philippines:
an interesting situation

Being Transgender or Trans-pinay in The Philippines throws up many contradictions.

It's sometimes quite hard to reconcile the general tolerance for T-girls in the country with the intolerance. And dogma of the leading religious institution. The Catholic church, about homosexuality and other non-hetero lifestyles.

Yet, by and large, Trans-pinay are tolerated, but not accepted as it should be. They still faces many challenges in society such as discrimination when it comes to getting jobs or building careers. Or prejudices when, for example, looking to rent accommodation. Or when in competitive job interview situations. And more generally, about T-rights and equalities.

The Philippines does not have gay marriage, nor divorce or abortion laws and over 90% of the country is still very religious. Albeit that society and many individuals within it are very accepting. This might be to do with the general outlook of people in The Philippines. (and, indeed, other Asian societies.) Which was in existence over 500 years ago. Before the long-term colonization of some 400 years by Spain. And the shorter period in the 20th century by the US.

Before then Ladyboy people or Trans-pinay (often called the "third sex") were considered to have greater spiritual awareness. Or were often revered for having the positive attributes of both male and female characters.

Why so many Trans-pinay in The Philippines?

From many foreign men who search dating sites such as iDate Ladyboy looking to find and date Ladyboy women. In The Philippine, the same question always seems to arise. Why are there so many Ladyboys in the Philippines? The same question usually comes up about Ladyboys (Katoeys) in Thailand. And, to a lesser extent nowadays, about T-girls in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Or in Jakarta or the rest of Indonesia. Unfortunately, in the last two mentioned countries the religious climate has changed for the worse. And the religious police are clamping down on any activity they do not condone.

However, the same answer applies. There are likely no more Trans-pinay in The Philippines than there are Ladyboy people in Sydney, Australia. No more Ladyboys/Transsexuals in Bangkok than there are in London. In most populations, the percentage of people who are Ladyboy tends to run at a consistent 0.6-0.8%.

In the Philippines, Trans-pinay are tolerated, but unfortunately not 100% accepted. TransPinay still faces many challenges in society. Such as discrimination, especially when searching for a job and in their careers.

Ladyboys, Trans people are more visible in Asia

One key difference in Asia as a whole, though, is that Trans people are more visible. If we look at The Philippines, the general population is besotted by and addicted to soap operas. But also on TV shows, dramas and, of course, the favorite of them all: beauty pageants. No matter where you look in Manila or in Cebu. People are watching TV or films and engrossed in these forms of entertainment.

Trans-pinays or gay or effeminate men have always had major roles to play in such events. Of course, there are Transgender people who are hairdressers, beauticians, sales. And also marketing directors and small business owners. But it those who star on the TV or in films or in cabaret or who win beauty pageants. Who capture the hearts of Filipino people. Thereby not only endearing themselves to the masses. But sub-consciously winning over the sceptics and bigots and haters.

Some Trans-pinay are more famous than others

It is generally in the arts that Trans-pinay excel. And many T-girls starring in daily TV soap, operas. Or shows are household names countrywide. Then, there are the beauty pageant winners and hosts of YouTube channels. Here are some well-known examples of Trans-pinay you may know. As well as a famous Filipino actor who played a starring female part:

  • Ken Chan, a well-known actor who played a starring role as a Trans-pinay in the successful Destiny Rose soap opera in 2015. Ken played the role of a female so convincingly that he had all sorts of men looking to date him. Received marriage proposals and appeared so feminine that the media turned this success around. And began to question if he really was a T-girl or, at the very least, a gay man;

  • Angelina Mead King is the female incarnation of Ian King. A former hell-raising, motor car racing enthusiast and business person. Married (yes, married: to model-actress Joey Mead) socialite who recently came out as Ladyboy and to almost universal acceptance. Angelina is moving forward with her transition and is continuing with her career. And, so far, most of the country and her fans seem to be taking her change in its stride;

  • Then we have Kevin Balot (who has not changed his male name, being quoted as saying it was the name she was born with. therefore sees no need to change it). After winning a major beauty pageant, Miss International Queen in Thailand in 2012. Kevin subsequently had GRS and has talked openly about the reconciliation between his Ladyboyism and his strict religious upbringing. Kevin also recently became the first Trans person in The Philippines to sign up as an international ambassador with an international brand, Pantene;

  • And, finally, Geena Rocero is a Trans-pinay originally from Manila. A Ladyboy Filipino American supermodel, TED speaker. And Ladyboy advocate who has spoken about Trans rights at the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and the White House. Most Filipinos look up to her as a champion of not only T but gay rights.
Generally speaking Trans people, or Ladyboys how they called in the Asian World. Are more visible in Thailand and the Philippine then in the rest of the world.

Dating for Trans-pinay

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